" Comic Art of Europe Through 2000 "

De John A. Lent, Publié par "Praeger publishers", le 30 août 2003 à New York.
ISBN 027598219X, 9780275982195. 1089 pages

L'auteur avait déjà publié chez "Greenwood Press" en 1994 et 1996 2 livres de références sur l'Art Comique qui avaient reçu un prix. Ce volume-ci contient plus de 17000 entrées provenant de 42 pays européens.

On trouve Jean Maurice Bosc sous les références 4475 et 4476.

Ci-dessous, la description de ce livre en anglais :

Encompassing 29 countries of Europe, this detailed bibliography covers the field of comic art. European academicians and journalists began the study of comic art earlier than their counterparts in other areas of the world. This volume reflects those efforts as well as the substantial growth of contemporary writings. Art Historian David Kunzle introduces the work, thus acknowledging the importance of Europe's lead in the scholarship of comic art in all its forms. This is one of four volumes dealing with various regions of the world in an attempt for the first time to present a comprehensive, international study of comic art scholarship.

Chapters are country(ies) specific, except for the first, which includes continental, regional, and comparative perspectives. A feature of chapter one is its resources component, including an annotated directory of 81 comic art-related periodicals. Because of an unusually large number of sources, the chapters on Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy were expanded and subcategorised beyond historical and contemporary perspectives and specific comic art forms. Thus, many citations appear under categories of children's press, festivals, humor periodicals, anthologies, art and aesthetics, cinema, education and culture, effects debate, genres, industry, language and semiotics, legal aspects, literature, psychology, religion, socio-cultural aspects, and technical aspects. Additionally, more than 250 individual cartoonists and over 110 characters and titles were given separate categories. Art Historian David Kunzle, who has written the definitive histories of comic art precursors, wrote a personalized foreword. A preface delineating the unique characteristics of the book and complete indices conveniently divided by authors, cartoonists, characters and titles, periodicals, and subjects are provided.

Table of Contents:
A Backward Looking Foreword by David Kunzle
Continental, Regional, Comparative Perspectives
Country Perspectives--Albania to Finland
Country Perspectives--France
Country Perspectives--Germany
Country Perspectives--Great Britain
Country Perspectives--Greece, Hungary, Ireland
Country Perspectives--Italy
Country Perspectives--Luxembourg to Yugoslavia
Author Index
Subject Index
LC Card Number: 94-14432
LCC Class: NC1465
Dewey Class: 016.7415


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